Finns are proud of their heritage and home country. They want to have piece of home with them even when traveling or living abroad. Finland and many Finnish brands are also very popular abroad to the point of people hunting down their favourite products all over Internet. is an online store for Finnish brands and products founded in 2005 catering to the needs of Finns and fans of Finland all over the world. By shopping at consumer can find all the most wanted products and speciality items that are uniquely Finnish in one place and be sure of the good quality of the products and have reliable and fast service.




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In this category you will find our most popular products including fazer chocolate, rye bread, coffee, salmiac sweets and much more!
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 AURAN ISO Mustard mild 275g
 Erittäin hieno Suomalainen - Tar Shampoo 300ml
 FAZER Blue milk chocolate 200 g
 FAZER Geisha chocolates 350 g
 FAZER Ruispuikulat - Ryebread 500 g
 JALOSTAJA Canned pea soup 435 g
 JENKKI Professional Freshmint 90g - xylitol
 OULULAISEN Hapankorppu Rye crisp bread 740 g
 PAULIG - Juhla Mokka Fine grind 500 g


 VAASAN RUISPALAT -Ryebread 660g 12 pcs
 Valio: Tuuti 1 - milk based infant formula UHT 500ml 0-6kk